Sunday, February 28, 2010

For You

What else can I do? I stand in the way of life's harshest pains for you. I look out into the open sea and I witness the pitfalls and the darkest clouds. I lay myself down in the trenches for you to cross, I will climb the highest mount, to oversee your passage in safety. I am tired, my eyes are heavy but I stay awake, to watch you safely sleep. I walk a million miles to fall at your feet, I lift my head to reach your lips. I see the fire, but walk on through, I travel through the thickets of thorns, bearing your cross, and bearing mine, I walk on coals aflame, I will be your strength, our tie that binds. I sacrifice my life for ours, for us together, for us forever. There was never a me without you, and there will never be a you without me, I dedicate each breath each ounce of strength, to your side and ever abide in the shadows or sunshine of your love. Each of these things I do, I will forever do. I do for you.


  1. A busy posting day for you Gabriel! Thanks so much for your comments and your enthusiasm over my blog!

    I have linked to your blog on my "blogs I love' section and hope to send more readers your way (although its excruciatingly difficult to get anyone to read mine so I'm not sure how much good I'll be able to do! haha)

    Keep writing and post often! Most importantly, make friends through this blogging endeavor :) It's been my favorite part of blogging and it's a worthwhile practice!