Thursday, April 1, 2010


Still morning air lingers around like fireflies float,
The light reaches my window pane and the blue sky rejoices again,
The day distracts the night and steals the stage for a spell,
The night acquiesces and wishes the daytime well,
Softly heads lay on feathers in linens,
The beauty radiates into each small corner of the room,
The day is only beginning,
Sweet words carried on the wings of whispers and fly swift to ears awaiting reception,
The poet sits beneath the tree scribbling as the philosopher sits atop mounts in introspection,
Each seeking a new direction and course for this day to play through,
Which way do, we all follow with guiding light, or follow faithfully,
Paths twist and turn, days drag then burn,
Steep cliffs and mountains towering,
Never a person besides do I wish,
Except you, In your eyes I do live,
In your hand does mine rest,
In our hearts with each word from within our breath.

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