Friday, July 18, 2014

Falling Away Into You

"Hold me closer." She said, words slipping out of her mouth, serpentine yet innocent. Words uttered out of fear.

His arms squeezed her closer, as close as he could possibly get himself to her without them merging into each other. His hands tightly gripping her, their bodies wrapped up in each other. He wanted to say something comforting, something that would assure her everything would be fine. This wasn't a moment for lies, and he knew, silence would be better even though there was no comfort in it. He just left his mouth shut, lips tight, with his face in her neck and hers in his.

It was a Tuesday and he knew the time had come to leave. He spent so much time traveling and this shouldn't be any different than any of his other excursions, but something got under his skin this time. He didn't plan on feeling something, feeling like this. His wife was waiting for him at home, and he knew he loved her but this was different. Was it something new perhaps, or something unfamiliar that made it difficult to turn away from this young nymphet? He couldn't be sure why he hated leaving this time. He knew he wasn't anxious to get home because that would be the banal existence of a domestic life, cutting the lawn, watching television, reading books in bed with the wife, he always missed her but never anything like what he was feeling now.

Monday-June 16th-The Day Before

He arrived at 6 a.m. the earliest flight he could catch left Chicago at 2:35 a.m. and even though he was a seasoned traveler he never enjoyed early flights. His wife thought it strange he would be taking a flight so early but brushed it off because she knew his work took so much of his day. He was eager to get to Portland though, and hid it with a restrained glee.

The plane landed on the tarmac and he exited breathing in Portland and the rain, and her. He walked out of the airport and anxiously waiting was his little nymphet, Naima. She hadn't noticed him yet, she was holding a gently used copy of Lolita by Nabokov, and he smiled. He walked cautiously with a nonchalance that would allow him to blend into the sea of travelers. He stopped just a few feet away from her and asked, "Do you happen to have the time ma'am?"

She looked up, eyes brightening and gasped,  "You are here early, Beckett I wasn't expecting you for at least another 20 minutes."

"The flight left on time, I was surprised too. I am just glad to be here with you. You wanna get out of ASAP?!" He urged impatiently and wanting to get her home and be with her.

"Of course" She replied. She grabbed him by his hand and led him towards her car. They got onto the highway and made the best time anyone could possibly make during the early morning rush hour, arriving at her place with the rain dancing lightly around them as they walked up to her door. She pulled her keys from her bag and opened the door and soon as the door opened she felt him wrap his arms around her and waited for his lips to follow. They embraced in the doorway his hands on her waist and lips locked, her leg wrapped around his, and the world passed by right outside the door.

The door finally closed and their embraced deepened, with clothes being torn off, a sensual embrace that lasted for hours and moved from table, to love seat, to floor, never quite making it to her bedroom. They had been lovers for months now, every time Beckett visited it was like this, passionate and close. They stayed up for hours wrapped up in each other, physically, mentally, emotionally. They spent time talking about their lives and dreams together. The dreams that people make when they plan to live together forever, and Naima loved these dreams, these plans. They spent this Monday just like all of the other days, falling in love deeper, and making plans to see each other again. Naima always hated when he left and it made her terrified that she would never see him again. But she always waited.

She lay awake watching him breathe and how his chest rose and fell as he slept. She loved to watch him and be near him, staying awake so she could be aware of him. She adored these moments and felt alive when she knew he was hers. She was waiting for all of his promises to come true, so he could live with her, and how she wouldn't have to say goodbye to him ever again. She sighed and felt impatient but she knew he was a man of his word.

It was getting late and she felt sleepy but she wanted to stay up for just a few moments longer lingering around his naked body. She got up to get a drink and noticed his wallet had come out of his pants and it was open, she hadn't quite even noticed the large fold filled with crisp new hundred dollar bills and the shimmer of each of his credit cards, but what she did notice was the only thing she could see and she couldn't tear her eyes away from it. A single photo caught her eye and rightly so, some other woman was holding him close and two children who looked surprisingly like him were also in the photo. She couldn't help but let tears come streaming out of her eyes, clouding her vision, taking her eyes away from the photo. She knew now why he hadn't already left Chicago, it had nothing to do with work keeping him there, and everything to do with betrayal. She cried in silence and thought to herself as she lay back down next to him.

Tuesday-June 17th-The Day of Departure

She knew this time was different. Hours from now Beckett would get on a plane and leave back to Chicago, back to that woman. She felt it in her body, in her spirit, the same part of her that allowed herself to love him still, that part of her felt him separating. She knew that him saying that he wouldn't be back for quite some time meant he was moving on and calling their love affair off. She just knew that this time he was planning on saying goodbye for good. That feeling of eternity was fading fast and she knew there was only one thing for her to do.

"I really wish I could come back sooner Naima, but I have so much to take care of before I can move back here. You understand, don't you?" Beckett stated with a forced emotional expression in his demeanor and on his face. He knew this was it, and for some reason he felt a tinge of fear, a tinge of sadness. This wasn't like his other love affairs. He was tied to this young nymphet, she was something more to him but he couldn't uproot his life and live with her, she knew him but she couldn't replace his wife and kids. He just had to let this one go and feel the pains of heartbreak just the way he was feeling it now.

"I understand, I just don't want to have to wait, I don't want to be apart from you again." She said quietly, sadly.

She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him into her bedroom. She pushed him onto the bed, crawling over his body, kissing his lips and pulling him into her. She moved him around on the bed, changing positions, until he lay on top of her, hard body against her soft skin. She breathed in his scent again, one last time. As he was soaring in the moment, their usual moment of ecstasy she let her hand travel, slithering behind her pillow. She pulled her hand back blade in hand with just enough time to stab him in his heart as he noticed what she had in her grip. Shock and fear were in his eyes, blood filled them as he choked out half words, blood spilled onto her and she kept the blade in him as he said he loved her, and as his life faded away and his eyes turned a sea of red she pulled the knife out of him and plunged it into her heart as well. She felt the sharp blade cutting her heart tissue just like that photo ripped her heart the night before. And as the world was coming to an end she professed her love for Beckett also, and she felt peace in knowing there would never be another goodbye between them again. They faded away together. Black beauty.

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