Monday, July 21, 2014

Creating Controversy

I have reached a personal point of internal conflict about writing. I have come to the conclusion that the difficulty associated with writing something with substance versus writing something that is less meaningful is a constant struggle for developing writers. I have many friends who write about music, art, culture, film and other areas of entertainment but encounter lackluster attention when it comes to their blogs, their websites, their poetry, or even short fiction. I refuse to become a typical industry standard writer who slaves away for a publication but also has to sacrifice personal style and development. I wish only to write with passion and display my literary talent. Is that too much to ask? Or should I relent and become an abscess on the blogosphere's body. Should I start writing short posts about tabloid news items or maybe just spew out controversy for the sake of a high readership count?

Maybe I should possibly fall into the typical journalistic structure and write about violence, death and sex. If it bleeds it leads right?

Shall I follow the dark annals of human existence into the abyss and recreate art that everyone wants to consume obsessively until I am no longer an artist but a conduit in which recycled material is put forth for the masses to digest over and over again like filth eaten from a trough. Or shall I keep to my path, even though the path gets dark and dusty and more than lonesome at times, shall I keep my dignity in this world of reduced thinking capacity and write with words that inspire art, music and get the reader to feel life with renewed vigor.

I will keep to the path of dignity and write for those who love to read art as it develops on the page. I leave you my friends with some poetic words about this struggle.

In the midst of the night,
All light is absent,
At its darkest,
The night is coldest,
I feel my skin bubble with goosebumps,
And the chill reach my bones,
Icy breath fills my lungs,
And sight is completely removed,
A faithfulness is required without sight,
To live and survive through the perilous night,
I await that glorious moment of the sun's first rays,
Every moment in the night is a step towards the first moment of day.


  1. Oh isn't this so!
    High hit/follow rate never seems to relate to good, beautiful content.