Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Broken Angel

She fell furiously, tumbling through the heavens and then clouds, landing with a whimper that escaped her fragile body and thin lips. Her eyes darted around wildly looking for signs of comfort, something familiar. She was in a field of goldenrod yellow grass surrounding her on all sides. She looked up with fear and remorse, she looked down and let tears stream down her eyes. As far as her eyes could see, she was alone, fallen from the light and fallen from everything she had ever known to be true. Somehow she felt like this was somewhere she could learn to love, but she still felt that painful disconnect from comfort, standing broken before God and every creature to see.

She collected herself and started walking North, she could see a small house off in the distance and was eager to find somewhere safe. After quite some time walking through the thick fields of grass she arrived at the small house. It looked as if there wasn't anyone inside, no sign of movement, no sound, just her standing near the home peering in the windows, looking for someone. She decided to help herself inside the home and just hope that those who lived there would forgive her for entering. She found a window that was fairly loose and she tried to pull the window up so she could slide underneath. She wasn't able to slide the window much but she attempted to climb in through the partially opened window anyway. Her body was aching and trying to fit through a small space made her even more uncomfortable. The window creaked as she attempted to fit through it, finally the window gave way to her pressure and it broke. Glass pierced her side and she let out a small cry, blood slowly came from the open wound. Aching and bleeding with glass stuck in her side she moved through the home looking for a place to clean herself up. She found a small washroom and first used a towel to clean her side and remove the glass from her bloody body. After she removed the glass and cleaned up as much blood as she could she cleaned up the rest of her bruised body and attempted to stop the bleeding from her side. She wrapped her torso with some sheets she found in a closet and felt like she should bathe to wash the whole experience of the day off of her.

She turned the shower on, and stood under the water letting it cover her, she was tired and afraid, and she had no idea what else could possibly happen to her. She could still see blood soaking through the sheets that she wrapped her body in and she felt weak. She thought she would rest a while in the tub and let the water collect for a bath. She closed up the drain and lay on the tub floor dreaming of the day before.

A rusty yellow truck bounced down an old dirt road. It sputtered and screamed and made lots of noise that sounded like a machine falling apart. The man inside the truck could tell something was going on at his house even though he could barely see it down the road. He drove faster, hoping it wasn't drunk country kids breaking into his place again. He arrived at the foot the door turned the truck off and saw the window broken with blood just on the other side. He moved quickly inside taking no time to go through the door but rather stepping through the broken window and making his way towards whoever was inside. He pulled a pistol up from his hip holster and steadied it out in front of him, taking no chances. He found a trail of blood and recognized that whoever was inside his home was injured, he lowered his pistol slightly.

Inside the washroom he could hear the water running, he edged closer. He opened the door to find a beautiful creature on the floor of the tub. He admired her naked body, white skin glistening with water, she her soft features, her legs curled up towards her upper body, her face against the slant of the tub, eyes closed and her naked breasts exposed. He stood staring, observing, her wings curled up behind her, blood mixing with the water turning it a pinkish color. He knew this was wrong to watch her, but her beauty wouldn't let him turn away even if seeing an angel in this manner was something he shouldn't be doing. He stood and stared breaking every rule about the sexualization of angels, he knew, yet he just stared at her naked body, admiring it, feeling lucky that he was able to see this fallen, broken angel.

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