Monday, December 7, 2009

Don't Forget

Don't forget this day, the wind whispered in my ear.

Bloodshot eyes and bloodshot lives, rivers dry and time passes by. I felt a tear, a tear in the seams, a tear in my soul, a rift in my being. I felt a tear, a lonely tear, bitter with saline dripping from my eye to my cheek. I could barely speak, my lips were quivering and my knees were weak.

This day more important than any other, the sun arose today, shining anew but a little stronger than the others. It made it through another rotation, another placement, another ellipse and you lay quietly still in motion waiting for the new day to eclipse.

A new dawn arose and we were almost slow to catch it and bring it in with its reins. Heavy as it went and steady ever flowing. I saw the sun shoot up so fast, I almost missed it but sprung from my slumber at seconds last. Ran to the door and out went chasing the beams, the light, the rays, leaving behind all darkness of dusk, previous days I did leave. I shall not look behind lest I be turned to a pillar of salt, I shall not regret the elapsed, for the prior is no persons fault. This horizon I set sail towards, fulfill my soul and give sight to my hope, my goals.

Each day that had passed is immaculate, that amassed to this day, where I am at. I cannot find fault or failings in each experience but remember them and reminisce on each painful blow and each blessed kiss. Each sting and cut, each broken bone, bruise and sorrow, each leaves a trail to follow. I reached the peak of foresight and now I see the sea where the sun shall set. I run and appreciate each step, one more experience, breath, moment in my life that I accept.

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  1. Always best to savor the moment! Loved this!