Monday, December 21, 2009

Cellar and Gustav

Its eleven o'clock an hour away from midnight. Darkness coats the skies and the air is still warm outside. We run up the hill laughing, get to the door and playfully ring the doorbell. Inside its quiet, no one is in the entry room. We walk a little bit further inside and hear the sound of music coming from the garage. Open the door and a warm reception as always from the two individuals that comprise Cellar and Gustav. Cellar is at the soundboard mixing, editing and going over previous recordings. Gustav is at the microphone waiting to start recording again. Cigarette smoke creeps out of the garage door slowly, the drum kit is unmanned. They both have cheap beer right in front of them, with headphones on, working diligently. Beer bottles litter the floor and cigarettes fill the bottles. I get the sense that they have been here for a few days, working, thinking, recording, mulling over written melodies and vocals to be recorded. The drums look weathered and beat, the two look inebriated but focused. They have been working apparently for weeks on their EP Sometimes It Bleeds. The music is ethereal, you can hear the emotion in the lyrics and the vocals breathing truths in labyrinths and metaphor. This is the start.


  1. I can feel the atmosphere and smell the thick cigarette smoke in the garage. Well done.

  2. Hey Gabe, thanks for doing an awesome job and stepping up as our marketer. You will be an asset to our business.