Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The covenant I wish to make. Holding hands, in our grasp we hold the decision of whether to mend or to break. Looking past the color of eyes, past the flesh and skin depth, seeing what is truly left when we are open, unclothed, naked, nothing left but our spirit or soul. That vision is what I aim to hold in my sight for all eternity, beauty in truth and in light, everything that has ever been a counterbalance to what is wrong, you are all that is right. I look to every moment that is in your grace, your presence is divine, and everything is in its right place. Tears hath no place in heaven and heaven is in your eyes. For futures sake, at your feet I will forever lie, may it be my destiny or my fate, my salvation or my demise. I will bleed endlessly if it means that no pain come your way, I will fight the bright of day for an extra hour of slumber for you, I will fight the dead of night and steal away the dark to lighten your day and heart. Move mountains is the least I can try, even if I move it stone by stone, I will do the work to gain my place, I will do the work to move that mountain to lift that tear from your face, I promise to do everyday until I die. In death I remain ever so committed, all my resolve requited for all my misgivings, shortcomings, lack of being, and lack of seeing. Faultless I am not, and will never claim to be, but for each fault, each crack, each mistake, I claim a lifetime of earnest in being, earnest in giving every gift of love, from understanding, to mending, to dedicating every moment to making you smile, I would crawl every inch of every mile to lift your head up and save your spirit, these things I can promise, I can vow, I give these things to you always, even now, this be the covenant I wish to give, the life I wish to share, the life I wish to live.

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