Sunday, January 24, 2010

Indio California

Its hot, were packed in like cattle. Corrals keeping us in line, sweat is dripping from my brow down the bridge of my nose and further down my face. It took 9 hours, 2 rest stops, 3 bags of chips, 2 sodas, 8 bottles of water, a handful of cashews, 1 awesome playlist and 1 hour of straight laughter to get here. Still waiting. The car is parked the sun is bearing down with the midday heat and suddenly everything starts moving. This polo field fills with movement and life. People slowly moving forward shirts tied around their heads, cut-off pants, mini fans, parasols and lots of skin. Suddenly the lines break and we move through security as they check our bags, our pockets and our hair at times. Then you're in, part of an exclusive crowd that grows each year. Welcome to the inner fields of Coachella.
The music festival that puts all others to shame. Not only is the lineup philosophized minutes after that years festival ends but the growing chatter is deafening and the hopeful people waiting eagerly for bands to sign on for the fest, and crazily craving the tickets to go on sale. Its a frenzy of madness and indulgence and musical release that so many look forward to each year. It can turn into a madhouse selling out within two weeks. Every year so many make the trek there without even knowing how they will make it out. The stage is set, the lineup posted, and the crowds are already moving.
This year already has the making to be a crazy desert party. With the likes of deadmau5, passion pit, wale, bassnectar, beach house, camera obscura, John Waters???!!, sia, dead weather, mgmt, infected mushroom, sly and the family stone, the glitch mob, jay-z?, the gorillaz and THOM YORKE.
Its going to be a wild year, the ride up there, the camping in the field, the music, the money, the drinks and the debauchery. Madness ensues in 82 days.

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